In-the-ear hearing aids

Tiny hearing aidsgreate performance

Our discreet in-the-ear hearing aids offer you a unique hearing experience. We fit in-the-ear hearing aids perfectly to your ear - making them almost invisible and comfortable. Thanks to the precise fitting to your individual needs, you enjoy clear sound and the best speech intelligibility. Experience the comfort and freedom of hearing everything that is important to you again.

Your advantages 

  • Nearly invisible to others 
  • Custom-made and easy to fit 
  • Natural sound experience 
  • Optimal for spectacle wearers 

Virtually invisible

In-the-ear hearing aids (also called ITE hearing aids) are very inconspicuous because they are placed completely in the ear canal. All technical components are integrated into a shell that is custom-made for you. With a color that perfectly matches you, the hearing aids are barely noticeable in your ear.


What types of in-the-ear hearing aids are available? 

To suit your individual hearing needs, we offer revolutionary option für your in-the-ear hearing aids at KIND 

  • Completely in canal (CIC) hearing aids
  • Select models can connect via Bluetooth to smartphones, TV and more 
  • Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aids 


Completely in canal hearing aids 

The smallest possible design is placed deep in the ear canal. For an additional charge, we will make your hearing aids as small as anatomically possible. This allows you to hear your surroundings clearly without others noticing your hearing aids. A small pull cord allows for easy removal. The prerequisite for this design is that the ear canal is large enough for the hearing aid to fit properly. 

Completely in canal hearing aids

Rechargeable in-the-ear hearing aids 

In-the-ear hearing aids are available as rechargeable hearing aids. This gives you maximum flexibility and eliminates the need for replacement batteries. We will be happy to find out whether the in-the-ear hearing aid is the right model for you in a free consultation. 


In-the-ear hearing aids with Bluetooth 

For technology enthusiasts, Bluetooth hearing aids can connect to your smartphone, laptop and other Bluetooth devices. This allows you to make phone calls, video conference and stream music through the hearing aids. You can adjust the volume and change hearing programs via app. 

The quickest way to better hearing.