With over 700 branches worldwide, KIND enjoys economies of scale and passes the savings back to you. We are so confident about our prices that we have a fair price guarantee. Our hearing aid price includes unlimited free cleaning, changing of tubes and domes, and all re-testing and fine-tuning sessions during the lifespan of the hearing aid. These free after-sale services give you total peace of mind that you will be well looked after at KIND.

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We will be happy to advise you on the functions of your hearing aids. With the KIND comfort options you can make your hearing solution even more user-friendly and experience even more hearing comfort in different situations.

KIND offers an affordable basic line as well as comfort and premium lines for those demanding more advance hearing technology to cope with noisier environment.

With the widest selection of hearing aid technology and wearing design styles at all price points and with our promise of a $0 home trial before buying, you are never at any risk of purchasing hearing aids that are not right for you.

Speak to us about 0% interest free installment plans and about Tax Free for tourists and get more information on our hearing aids and our $0 home trial before buying

Frequently Asked Questions

KIND offers a diverse array of hearing aids including affordable basic models, comfort lines, and premium lines tailored for advanced hearing needs in noisy environments. Each purchase comes with lifetime service support to ensure that you continue to have the best experience with your hearing aids.

Yes, KIND offers a $0 home trial for their hearing aids. You can try the hearing aids at home before making a purchase to ensure they meet your needs.

KIND provides 0% interest-free installment plans, making it easier for customers to manage the financial aspect of acquiring hearing aids.

KIND is committed to fair pricing and offers a variety of hearing aid options at different price points. They are confident about their pricing and maintain a fair price policy.

For comprehensive consultation and personalized services, you are welcome to book a free consultation through our website. Alternatively, you can visit our KIND Branches page to find the nearest location. Our expert team is ready to assist you with all your hearing needs.


Shanon Yap

"KIND Hearing provided an extremely caring and quality service both at my mother's initial hearing aid demonstration and after my purchase. I have no hesitation in awarding 5 stars and would recommend them for everyone looking for a solution for hearing loss."


Agnes Tan

I didn’t want a hearing aid but the staff at KIND allowed me to bring hearing aids home to try. They are patient and did not push me to buy and help me get adjusted to my new hearing. Now, I cannot imagine not wearing my hearing aids everyday. Thank you KIND.






Pearlin Lim

I am a mother in my 40s and was born deaf. I love KIND HEARING and have been with them for many years. The team is very professional and patient in attending to all my hearing issues. Do not be afraid to try hearing aids if you have hearing loss. I am a happy and satisfied customer and have full confidence that KIND HEARING will take care of you as well.

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