At KIND in Singapore we acknowledge that hearing aids costing thousands are expensive and may put off many from considering using hearing aids. Since hearing loss and hearing preferences are very personal, hearing aids that work for one person may not always work the moment you put them on for another. For this reason, we always offer all motivated users a S$0 Home trial to “test drive” the latest pair of hearing aids in your normal living environment before buying.

You are welcome to WhatsApp Us directly for a consultation in the specialist shop, but also a callback to first get non-binding advice.


Hearing Aids Options

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Super Sound Quality

Ensuring speech comprehension even in noisy environment. KIND’s latest smart hearing aids scan the environment 100x per second, precise enough to analyse and differentiate between speech and noise so you do not have to concentrate too hard to hear speech even in noisy situations again.

Super Discreet to Others

In hearing aids, we understand that size matters. If your priority is to be inconspicuous, KIND has a wide range of hearing aids that are small that sit snugly behind the ear that makes it comfortable and almost unnoticeable to others.

Super Smart

What if your hearing aids were also a fitness tracker? What if you could switch between every sound source - whether music or TV sound - on and off with a single tap on your ear? Or if your hearing aids could discreetly alert you to incoming SMS or emails. What if you never have to change a battery again? KIND hearing aids can do all these and much more.

Why trust KIND

Reasons why you should choose our hearing aids

90% of KIND customers start off as being apprehensive about hearing aids or are unhappy with their current set of hearing aids. So, we truly understand how you feel. If you remain open and motivated to experience how wearing properly fitted hearing aids can regain confidence in conversations or simply enjoy using the telephone again, simply call for a no-obligation consultation. We will let you try our KIND hearing aids at home and only purchase them when you are completely satisfied. At KIND, we always give you fair, transparent, and competent advice.

KIND enjoys the greatest customer confidence.

Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions

Today’s hearing aids are comfortable and stylish or even near invisible to others. Custom hearing aids nowadays looks like a Bluetooth earpiece too!

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Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss leads to stress, depression, social rejection, increased risk to personal safety, reduced earning power loss of cognitive abilities, dementia and more. Hence it is very important to treat your hearing loss as early as possible!

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A hearing aid usually last for approx. 5 years, depending on how well you take care of them. We have seen customers using the hearing aids for more than 5 years!

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A full hearing test with a written report cost $85.70 nett and this cost will be credited back to you should you purchase a hearing aid after the trial. You may call, or simply fill up the hearing test form and our friendly staff will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a hearing test appointment with you.

Before the home trial can commence, do make sure that your ears are not impacted with cerumen (ear wax) so it is important that you see your ENT doctor or a GP/Polyclinic to have them removed. If your hearing is not significantly better after, come in for a full diagnostic hearing test.

Technological advances allow hearing aids to be paired with smart phones, to media players and the TV for direct audio streaming straight to the hearing aids. We will also demonstrate how these features can further enhance communication and listening enjoyment again.

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