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In KIND's hearing protection collection you will find high-quality standard hearing protection solutions for many different applications. They are immediately available at all KIND branches so you can quickly buy reliable hearing protection for all kinds of situations.

Hearing protection for various situations

Made-to-measure for your ears

Individual hearing protection

Perfect fit and support with high wearing comfort: KIND individual hearing protection is made to measure. The basis is an ear impression. It ensures that your hearing protection fits perfectly. Some models can be made of either soft silicone (high comfort) or hard acrylic (easy cleaning, especially hygienic).

Noise is omnipresent in the modern world. Protecting yourself from it is not only a question of peace and quiet, but also of health. Prolonged exposure to noise can stress the organism and of course damage hearing. When you buy hearing protection from KIND, you can choose from a wide range of products - and you can rely on competent and transparent advice from our employees. So that you get the best solution for your needs.

The better our hearing the more actively we can communicate our wants, needs and emotions. As there is no cure for a noise-related hearing loss our goal is to protect good hearing throughout your lifetime!

Modern hearing protection devices are customised to your needs, attractive and available in a range of colours. Let KIND help you select your personal hearing protection and protect your hearing effectively.

Why hearing protection is so important

It is not only obvious noise pollution like aircraft noise, sirens or a loud rock concert that can damage our hearing. Frequently, persistent noises that are not initially perceived as too loud also lead to hearing damage in the long term. It is especially important to seek advice from an expert about the right hearing protection for you. Problem areas include workplaces with high noise exposure, but also leisure activities and hobbies that are associated with loud noises - such as shooting and DIY.

In addition, hearing protection helps people to relax so that they can fall asleep and sleep through the night undisturbed. Hearing protection is also helpful when learning, as you are less distracted.

At KIND, we offer solutions that suit your individuals needs to protect your hearing. From fully customised to ready-to-wear hearing protectors, we help you to choose the correct and proper hearing protector that will work in the environment that you are exposed to.

This is what happens when you ask KIND for advice about buying hearing protection

At KIND you will be immediately offered hearing protection that matches your requirements without fuss. The basis for this is our free advice service.

  • Why not visit one of our KIND branches in Singapore? A KIND audiologist will go through your requirements on hearing protection in a consultation with you and inform you about the different products available. Cost transparency forms an important part of this process. We want to provide you with the best possible care when you're buying hearing protection.

  • Standard hearing protection solutions are available immediately. If you opt for customised hearing protection, KIND's audiologist will make an individual impression of your ear canal. This impression ensures a perfect fit for your hearing protection. You can pick up your customised product after just a few days. On handover you will be given detailed advice about proper usage and optimum care.

You can buy hearing protection for these applications from KIND

  • At work: Effective hearing protection is especially important here and is stipulated by law for noisy environments. This is why hearing protection is frequently provided by the employer. Customisation may also be advisable in case of individual requirements, for example wear comfort or optimum accuracy of fit. 

  • Flying: When out flying, hearing protection should perform two functions. Besides bothersome ambient noise from aircraft engines and other passengers, many people also suffer from the changes in pressure during take-off and landing. Special filters in our hearing protection ensure pressure equalisation in the cabin.

  • DIY: Anyone who loves drilling, hammering or sawing in their spare time will not be doing their hearing a favour by this, particularly with noise in high frequency ranges. Exposure lasting just a few minutes but on a regular basis can already cause gradual harm to your hearing. This can be prevented with good hearing protection.

  • Concerts and events: Rock concerts are often very loud – over 100 decibels (dB) is by no means uncommon. The challenge here: To reduce volume levels for the ears without impairing sound quality, by suppressing specific frequencies. This is possible using special filters. The sound is quieter, but still clear and not muffled.

  • Motorsport: The whine of engines is part of motorbike, car and cart racing. But it is a trial for the hearing of both drivers and spectators. Anyone who has a motorbike and would like to reduce their exposure to this noise would be well advised to opt for hearing protection. It is important to ensure that hearing protection does not also suppress sounds that allow riders to identify hazardous situations, e.g. sirens or horns.

  • Shooting and hunting: Shots emitted by hunting rifles and sporting firearms produce what is known as impulse noise: a sudden burst of noise at an extreme volume. As hearing protection is often worn for long periods, particularly when out hunting, a high level of wear comfort is especially important here.

  • At night: Many people are light sleepers and easily woken by noise. Sometimes just the ticking of the alarm clock is enough to stop them falling asleep. As hearing protection is worn all night, it should offer high wear comfort combined with a secure fit.

  • Studying: Peace and quiet helps people concentrate better. Comfortable hearing protection can be of assistance here – both at home or in classrooms and seminars.

  • Swimming: Some people find getting water in the ear canal merely unpleasant, while others have to be careful due to a tendency towards infections of the middle ear. If your ENT consultant has fitted you with grommets to allow secretions to escape from the middle ear, you are advised to use earplugs for swimming. Otherwise, the warm, damp conditions of the outer ear canal encourage germs to multiply and they can then get into the middle ear via the tubes. Earplugs should therefore also be worn when taking a shower.

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