Hearing protection for children

Children's ears are much more sensitive than the ears of adults and they require more precaution. Frequent exposure to loud noises can cause permanent damage to young ears. If your child wants to accompany you to an open-air concert or to a motor sports race - hearing protection therefore is very important.

Furthermore when swimming, ear protection can prevent water from accumulating in the ear canal. Small children in particular do not understand that this congestion usually clears up quickly and get scared.

This type of protection may also be necessary for medical reasons, for example if there are frequent middle ear infections and inserted tympanic tubes.

In addition hearing protection can also help children to concentrate in school and to reduce the pressure during flights. If you want to buy hearing protection for your child, a KIND expert will give you competent advice and an overview of possible solutions.


Everyday usage

If you use your hearing protection on a daily basis, you may discover things you would like to improve. Speak to your KIND audiologist about the available upgrade options and additional filter strengths. You can also ask KIND to test your hearing protection and give it a professional clean.

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